Thursday, August 25, 2011

Journal Writing

I have always been a journal writer.  Since the time I was 12, I wrote in a journal and now being nearly 52 I’m writing in my 10th journal.  I don’t write every day but at least once a week, sometimes less than that. 

Writing in a journal can help anyone’s hectic life stay sane. Not only does it help to accurately record events but it is also therapeutic. Reading back in my journal from fifteen years ago brought a smile to my face.  See if you agree:

A personal visit to the store for a full time mother can be a chance to get away for a few minutes and take a break from life. Depending on which children you leave behind at home will also depend on what state your house will be when you return.  For me, I took my chances in leaving my seven children and a neighborhood girl from across the street on their own so I could run to the store for a few needed items.

 It was a Thursday afternoon that I stole away leaving my oldest of 15 at home to baby-sit.  All the school-aged children were to be working on their homework and the younger ones would be playing.   When I returned, a wail of complaints and protests filled my ears as to what happened while I was gone.
 1. “Nobody is doing school work.”
                        2. “Isaac didn’t want to cut the lawn.”  (My oldest son, 13 at the time)
                        3. Tasha and Jena (neighbor child) were cheating at kickball.” (both 11)
                        4. “Tasha didn’t want to cut the lawn.”  (They were supposed to take turns)
                        5. “Sarah (15) hit Caleb(7).”
                        6. “Caleb hit her back.”
                        7. “Tasha hit Sarah with her PEZ dispenser.”
                        8. “Isaac locked Caleb in the closet.”
                        9. “Naomi (14) is touching everyone’s stuff.”
                      10. “Everyone is yelling at Naomi.”
                       11. “Naomi was walking backwards and ran into Sarah.”
                       12. “Naomi shot Lydia (3) with a rubber band.”

Ah, motherhood.  Isn’t it wonderful?

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  1. I don't keep a journal, although I've attempted it in the past. I'm constantly writing, but it's for my manuscripts or posts for my blog. That takes up all my writing energy. I find that creative writing is just a therapeutic for me as writing down my day's thoughts.

    Also, I’m a new follower—wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)