Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November A Month of Gratitude

For my first blog post on Mommy Authors I will list the things I am thankful for. Huge blessings come every day and I will never be able to express enough gratitude for the Lord's tender care.

 #1 I am grateful my daughter Serena found a new Neuro Oncologist whose philosophy and practice is integrative and include Naturopathic, holistic methods of treatment that blends with the therapy and supplements she has already been on since the beginning of her diagnosis with cancer: a Stage III astrocytoma-glioma (brain tumor)
#2 I am grateful that my son and his family were untouched by hurricane Sandy as they live in New York. 
#3 I am thankful for so many authors who support Writers Unite to Fight Cancer and came to the book event  to help raise money for my daughter's cancer treatment. We have so many new friends and feel surrounding by loving support.
#4 I am glad to have the Sabbath Day to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ and his infinite atonement. I am happy to live in these latter days when the gospel is available in its fullness.
#5  I appreciate a car that runs so I go visit my daughter from time to time and go other places I need to be. 
#6 I am thankful to live in this wonderful free country where we are allowed to vote and choose our leaders.
#7 I'm thankful for my sweet little companion - Pepito, my 4 pound teacup chihuahua.
#8 I love my immediate and extended family members who are so kind and supportive of one another.
#9 I am blessed with an intact apartment when I arrive home - a sturdy roof over my head.
#10 I am grateful for independent bookstores who allow Indy authors to hold fundraising and signing events. 
#11 I am thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed to serve our country and keep it the land of the free, as well as assist others throughout the world in need of protection.
#12 Technology is wonderful. I'm so glad I can see and speak with my granddaughters that live clear across the united states using computer applications. I miss them so much, and being able to stay in touch is the next best thing to being there.
#13 I am grateful for freedom of speech. I can say and write those things I am passionate about without censure.
#14 Music is the breath of life - I love music. I am glad I can sing, play, listen, and participate with others in making a joyful noise. I am grateful for composers over the ages that had scribed melodious renditions. 
#15 I am awed by natures harmonious gifts every day - the songs of birds, the babble of brooks, the patter of rain, peace. 
#16 I am thankful for temples and that I have the privilege to attend one so close by. I am grateful for sealing power so that Families Can Be Together Forever.
#17 I am grateful for kind and helpful friends and neighbors.
#18 I am thankful for advanced technology that allowed and continues to support my brother, Jan before and after his heart transplant.
#19 I am thankful for my brother Eldon and his super wife Carol who live near my mother and bless her life with grandchildren to visit and priesthood when needed.
#20 I am relieved and blessed that my sister Maria lives with and takes care of my mother.
#21 I love my sister, Nella and am glad her daughter is happily married in the temple with a child and her son is faithfully serving a mission in Washington state. She is an example to other single mothers.
#22 I am thankful that we as a nation take a day to celebrate our bounty and remember from where it comes. Happy Thanksgiving!
#23 I am grateful for being raised in the church by good parents who taught me so many needful things including a love for music, a love for reading, a love for education, a love for farming, a love of preparedness, a love of genealogy.  I miss my father since he passed away, but know he is watching over all of his children and grandchildren from above.
#24 I am thankful for my favorite time of year - when the weather is mild and comfortable here in Mesa, Arizona.
#25 I am thankful for my brother, Brannick on his birthday. I am also thankful we can celebrate the birth of Christ in one month - God So Loved the World that He Gave His Only Begotten Son.
#26 I am grateful that Serena's partner Shannon is so loving, thought, talented and supportive.
#27 I am thankful that Laura is a stay-at-home mother who raises my granddaughters in the loving manner I wish I could have done for my children. She is the best wife for Kevin, talented and supportive. She comes from a great family who are the in-laws you dream for.
#28 I am grateful for the rule of law. I am also thankful for the right to dispute photo radar pictures.
#29 I am thankful for this season of the year when hearts are softened and people are more charitable. I am also grateful for those who serve others every day of the year whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or just another day we are able to breathe upon the earth God created for us.
#30 TGIF.  This comes once a week - 52 times a year. Yeah!
I hope that all of us will take time to thank our Father in Heaven for our numerous blessings. 
Margaret Larsen Turley, Administrator of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer (all published authors are invited to join.)

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