Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Power of Change

A few years ago I was unfocused, unfulfilled, and fat. In a pivotal moment (translate: my chocolate stash ran out), I asked myself three life-changing questions: What isn’t working? What do I want to do differently? How can I make it happen?

That moment became a powerful catalyst for my “Year of the Change.” I wrote my ideal life vision, then chose a few achievable goals; namely, to lose weight so I could stop looking like a bloated walrus. Using simple time-tested principles and a home gym, I lost twenty-five pounds and gained great energy.

That change spilled over into other areas of my life. Having been a partner with my husband in our hardwood floor business, I stopped helping (nagging?) and let him do the honors. I researched and tested principles to organize our home, and better manage my time. Lastly, I began speaking part-time, sharing the concepts I had learned and tweaked with other women.

After more than ten years, I’m still reaping the blessings of that “Year of the Change.”
What’s one life change you want to make? Whether it's weight loss, finances, or relationships, I invite you to answer those three previous questions: What isn’t working? What do I want to do differently? How can I make it happen? Then decide how the answers can help you create your ideal life. As you write the answers, remember not to self-edit. Sometimes we eliminate our dreams or high-level goals because they seem unrealistic, or unsupported. But as you focus on what you do want and what you can do, step by step you will make it a reality.

One woman I life coached was moved to tears. She felt frustrated with her marriage, a lack of progress in developing her talents and abilities, and an absence of joy in her life. But as we discussed key issues such as her physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, she continually veered into talking about her husband’s life. Several times I gently reminded her that we weren’t talking about her husband’s choices, but about hers. Instead, I helped her focus on writing a Life Vision, a few sentences detailing her ideal life. Then a few key goals to start, and a simple plan to make it happen. I encouraged her to create a Life Board—a wall space, poster board, or foam board to post her goals, quotes, and pictures of her ideal life.

Shortly after, I received an email from this good woman about how positively life had changed, and that she could hardly handle all the good that was coming her way!

Our present is our future, and it's up to us to choose it. No matter your circumstances, you can truly change and succeed in ways you hadn’t previously imagined. So give it a try. Sit down for fifteen minutes and answer the three questions above. Focus on answering them honestly, from the gut and the heart. Then post the answers somewhere you’ll see them frequently, allowing your heart, mind, and soul to simmer. If you’re a praying person, make this a part of your personal prayers and watch the daily miracles begin.

My deepest desire is to help others create and live their ideal life. To jumpstart your desire to change, email me at for a free podcast, “Forget Resolutions! Set, Achieve, and Enjoy Goals that Work!” You’ll also automatically be entered to win my e-book, Create a Powerful Life Plan! 3 Simple Steps to Your Ideal Life.

It’s a brand new year, what will you do with it? An anonymous quotation reads, "If not now, when? If not me, then who?" Make this your year of the change and live the joy!

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  1. Thank you, Connie, for this very motivating post. I will be writing my life plan tonight!!!