Thursday, May 23, 2013

New website offers Free promotion for Authors and Businesses

Bloggerdise is a new social networking website that helps promote numerous types of businesses, including literature.  The New York Post published an article about this website that was launched two months ago, connects businesses searching for free publicity with bloggers searching for something to write about. The site is the brainchild of a pretty savvy team that includes Jesse Cohen, Omar Padron, Jin Park and Eric Rogow. Jesse Cohen, talked about how he and the other co-founders figured out there was a need and filled it. “In this cash-strapped economy we just wanted to be able to help an artist, charity, or small business be heard through the unique voices of our bloggers,” he said.

For Authors and Businesses Bloggerdise helps you reach thousands of potential customers without a huge ad budget. Essentially you team up with bloggers to create a customized giveaway that is focused on your precise target market. This blogger connection offers your company: 
*  Increased awareness of your goods or services (for zero dollars)
*  New web-outlets for future giveaways or announcements 

For Bloggers Bloggerdise helps you attract more viewers by offering giveaways with premium prizes, as well as the ability to generate rich, unique product/service content. 

The site offers several tools for members to easily engage and interact with each other. Members can also engage social media directly. They can Facebook “like” and use Facebook to comment on the Bloggerdise boxes and posts; or they can reach out via their personal Twitter and YouTube accounts.

In a challenging economic environment, now small businesses and artists have a place to promote themselves for next to nothing. It is a win win for all. For more information or to become a member, visit:

As an author I find this concept very interesting as a new way to promote my book/s.  This is also another way to promote the non-profit I administer: Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. I recommend trying it out to my friends and colleagues.

I invite any Mommy Authors and others that would like to sign up for Bloggerdise to sign up under the WUFC Banner. When we can gain enough participants we will be given spots on Bloggerdise TV.  

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