Monday, December 2, 2013

Newest writer for our blog...

We must bid a fond farewell to Margaret Turley who is busy with her writing and her fight for cancer project which I'm sure helps so many people.  Good luck in all of your endeavors, Margaret.


Let's give a big welcome to Tristi Pinkston who is our latest contributor.

Here is something about Tristi and her links....  (how does she have time for all of that..I don't know) but I look forward to reading her posts....

Tristi Pinkston:

Tristi Pinkston is the stay-at-home, work-at-home mom of four wildly creative children who keep her on her toes as she attempts, bravely, to homeschool them, knowing full well they're smarter than she is. Tristi is the author of over twenty published books ranging from LDS historical fiction to cozy mystery to nonfiction. She is also a full-time freelance editor and author mentor, and presents regularly at writers conferences up and down the Wasatch Front (Utah). She sits on the board of directors for iWriteNetwork and has just started up a publishing company, Trifecta Books. She may or may not be willing to admit to a small addiction to television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, and The Adventures of Merlin.