Monday, September 22, 2014

Top 10 Things I Learned at the Storymakers Midwest Conference

I just returned from the Stormakers Midwest Writers Conference in Kansas. I met wonderful writers, presenters, and a rockin' keynote speaker named Adam Sidwell. I am so blessed to be able to attend a yearly conference! If you are new, or not, to writing, conferences are a great way to meet other writers, find mentors, buy fantastic books at bargain prices, and give back to the community. Here are 10 bits of wisdom I'm passing onto you. 

1. From Adam Sidwell:  The choices that make a good climax are those that lead to character growth and moral choices.

2. Scrivener is an inexpensive writing tool and very likely worth the money. I’ll be picking up a copy when I complete NaNoWriMo and get my discount!

3. Have a marketing plan with a budget and a calendar. Even if the budget is ZERO. 

4. If the marketing idea isn't fun to you, don’t do it. Marketing should be fun!

5. There are lots of kinds of romances. Write the style/series that works for you!

6. What can you bring to the retelling of a fairy tale? Only you can tell that version.

7. Secondary characters need to stick in your mind. Why? What is his/her purpose in the story?

8. Secondary characters are there to make the story work.

9. No matter how seasoned the writer there is always more to learn and you should give back to the 
writing community. You might be someone’s next mentor.

10. Be the kind of writer you want to be and be proud of it!

P.S. Get the Yo app. Totally fun. 

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