Thursday, November 6, 2014

Choosing Gratitude as Your Attitude by Monique Bucheger

As the holiday season approaches, I find the two loves of my life (my family and being an author) merging and twisting together in an interesting and extremely busy way. I am the mother of 12, and the grandmother to 3, plus 2 bonus granddaughters. When the new year started, I had one sweet little granddaughter--so things are rolling along at a crazy busy pace.

Two of my daughters are pregnant with little boys due in December. The older one will probably have her baby any day--we spent several hours in labor and delivery last night thinking he may arrive. I pray he waits a few more days (in spite of my daughter's discomfort--which has been great recently--as I want him to have every chance at a healthy start. He's not quite 36 weeks yet.) 

My books are on tour with two different companies and are being well received--YAY! I've been contacted by new readers who have fallen in love with my realistic, middle-grade "Ginnie West Adventure" series. 

Because of my books, I am being given opportunities to stretch and grow as an author and a person in a variety of ways--which can be a little disconcerting--if not downright scary at times--as well as exciting, adventurous, and crazy in a wonderful way.

Any time we are given such opportunities, doubt about our abilities may creep in. The challenge is to listen to the encouraging voice inside that is cheering us on--all the while the new opportunities are making us realize that we have to make purposeful decisions.

In this season of gratitude, I love that my series is touching the hearts of new readers. The feedback I am getting is that Ginnie and her family are planting a desire in readers to make better choices, to be kinder, to reach out to others,  and to connect more with friends and family. 

All reactions that I hoped would happen while writing the series-- which deals with ordinary people doing extraordinary things--things we are ALL capable of, but don't always choose to do because we have to step outside of our comfort zone to make a real, positive difference for other people. 

My challenge to you--and myself--is that during this wonderful season of thanksgiving, that we take the time to enjoy and embrace the busyness in a way that makes life beautiful for those we love. Things like taking the extra time to REALLY listen to another person--without thinking more about how we should reply, to not allow jealousy or petty disagreements to become big, to give the benefit of the doubt in every situation. 

I truly believe that most people do not set out to purposefully hurt others. I find when I try to see a troubling situation through a new perspective--one colored with kindness or understanding--the situation is not nearly as bleak as first encountered. 

Sometimes it is even elevated to something wondrous or beautiful--which is how ordinary human experiences are made extraordinary and magical. 

Laugh lots, love much, write on! 

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