Monday, March 23, 2015

Laundry is Dangerous and Hazardous to Your Health

Three days after Valentine's Day, I went to put sheets in the washer and broke my foot. 

See I told you laundry was dangerous business. It should be banished.

Actually, I really don't have anything against laundry. As one of those mundane-everyday-life tasks, I find it pretty enjoyable. The machines do all the work (no scrub boards or line drying) and I can indulge in Downton Abby and other shows while I fold. Cleaning the shower or dusting on the other hand...

But back to my foot. There is one small step in my laundry room. I must've lost my balance going down it. My left foot turned over, popped inside, and I screamed. (Pretty sure some dogs in the neighborhood howled just then.) My kids and husband came running. 

As I sat there on the floor stewing about not having worked out that day and unlikely to be able to for weeks to come with a busted foot, my husband points out that at least it's my left foot and I can still drive. Huh. True, esp. as my car is automatic. If it was a stick shift...

5 days on crutches and 2 in a borrowed boot later I made it in to see the foot and ankle specialist. 

X-ray says: BROKEN!

On the positive side, the words surgery and torn weren't mentioned. Also, other than the first 2 minutes, I really haven't been in any pain despite the beautiful yellow, black, and blue bruises on my foot that visually try to say otherwise. 

Choice: Boot or Hard cast?

I went with the boot. At least I can take it off to shower and sleep. 

Healing time: 3 months: 2 in the boot followed by 1 in a "sneaker". I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about he Adidas in my closet. Then, if all is well, we'll see if I need any physical therapy or not and can resume normal activity. Just in time for me to "run" two 5 K's back to back with my kids. Hmm. We'll have to see about that last part. 

All in all, I'm pretty lucky. 

It's just inconvenient. Plus, the novelty of waiting on Mom hand-and-foot and helping out with the housework wore off after the first week for the rest of the family. 

But, I can't do it. My orders are to stay off my foot as much as possible and keep it elevated. 

This is hard for me. 

I'm pretty active. I usually put in 8-10, 000 steps per day, and some days more. Needless to say I've taken off my pedometer until all this is over. I've only considered putting it back on to make sure I'm not taking too many steps. But I do get funny looks at the stores riding around in the motorized wheelchairs. I wish those people could understand that walking would mean more healing time for me and I want to do all I can to heal A.S.A.P.  Not to mention that initially I couldn't do any of my physical therapy for my back which I've faithfully done for over 18 months. 

So, I've taken up chair workouts on YouTube for now. I can't be totally inactive. I'll go crazy. Plus I recently discovered I am healed enough to add three of my back exercises into the routine again. Hooray! I keep focused on my core and arms. Spring looks like it might actually start to arrive which means warm temps and usually for me 2 mile walks daily. Spring can come, but the walk will have to wait. After all, my broken foot is temporary, not forever. 

So, while my house isn't getting all the attention it deserves (like cleaning, painting, and landscaping), being laid up is very good for my writing, editing, etc. That's something to smile about. 

My greatest lament in all this: my first broken bone doesn't have an awesome story to go with it. 

Just laundry. Blech. 

 Feel free to unleash your inner writer and in the comment section below to write me a cool story to go with my broken foot and I may come up with a cool prize. 

Oh, and . . . Beware the laundry!

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