Thursday, April 23, 2015

Life is More Than a 4 Inch Screen

The title is part of a quote given by Elder José A. Teixeira a religious leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The whole quote is 
The habit of setting aside your mobile device for a time will enrich and broaden your view of life, for life is not confined to a four-inch (10-cm) screen.

Yes, I spend much of my time in front of a screen, 4 inch or otherwise. I am a writer after all. And since typewriters have gone the way of the Dodo, screens are what I am left with for practicing my craft and fulfilling many other obligations. 

But, his words are dead on. There is much joy and fulfillment to found found in the world and people around us. 

I came across an article this week by a trainer to the celebs in Hollywood. His prescription for being a healthy person was a simple five step process. Can you guess what they were? 

(I'm paraphrasing below because I didn't keep the link to the article. If I get it wrong, please don't sue me.) 

1. Walk 5 miles a day/10,000 steps. In other words, we're too sedentary. Get up and move.
2. Eat healthy. Duh.
3. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Again, duh.
4. You only need about 5 minutes a day of stretching/weights, targeting a section of your body each day to keep it in shape. (Getting there is a different article!) 

The summary was to do what our ancestors did. Walk. Read. Talk to friends and family. Eat healthy. Sleep at night. The prescription isn't hard and has been around a long time. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just get on it and get rolling!

Now, that I've received the all clear from the doctor to be active again, though I have to go in baby steps, fairly literally, I'm looking forward to getting back up to 10K steps a day. 

There is beauty in nature to be appreciated. Friends who need a listening ear. Laughter to make you feel good. Hands that can help. Take advantage of all there is beyond the screen. You may find it makes you a whole lot happier to UNPLUG and enjoy the world around you, than any fleeting satisfaction you may enjoy in the digital world. 

Reap the rewards of unplugging and taking back your life. Your friends will envy your ability to ignore your phone, Ipad, Kindle, etc. Then share your secret of how you did it. 

Here is the link for the talk referenced above. Spend a few minutes watching it. Or better yet, listen to it as you take a walk in the spring sunshine. 

Enjoy life! 

Below, let me know how you UNPLUG. 

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