Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Lucky Are You?

Whether or not you're Irish, odds are good you'll get pinched today if you go out among the pint-sized crowd without wearing green.  You'll also see friends posting pics of food that should never be green, and much yummier food--I recommend key lime pie--that's supposed to be green and is the real star today.  But the real question is, how lucky do you feel?

Recently my husband turned to me, just after we picked up lunch while out and told me we'd won a free sandwich of the kind we like.  I was a little surprised, because I don't usually win things...and then I realized, I also don't look at my receipts as religiously as he does, and that's how he learned we'd won.

Coincidence?  Not at all.  We've known for at least the last decade that to a large extent, people make their own luck.  Those who feel lucky confirm their own luck, by looking for it.  They do this by being open to new experiences and people--you can read about that Scientific American article here--and by reaffirming their own luck, as discussed here.

Seems simple, right?  Maybe not, but the one thing we can all do is make sure we notice the good things in life, and give thanks each day.  In other words, make sure our view of the storm remembers the rainbow, too.  And if you find that pot of gold?  Remember, it was me who sent you looking for rainbows. ;)

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