Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrating Moments of Mediocrity

I’ve been pooped on a time or two.

My youngest daughter has now ventured into the world of potty training. I’ve psyched myself up for success! Something better than failure! I speak in lots of exclamation points!

Each time I think it’s going to get easier (if you’re wondering. . .it doesn’t). Kids will still have accidents. They will still shed their diaper in the middle of the hallway and cop a squat.

On purpose.

But every time she makes it to the bathroom,

and poops on the potty,

and manages to wipe herself properly,

and it ends up in the toilet bowl,

and then earns her potty sticker-

I do a little victory dance. Shuffle my feet, and wave my hands in the air. One step closer. One more tiny movement in the way to a successfully potty trained child. Pun intended.

I’ve been thinking about discouragement this last week. How we can allow our thoughts of inadequacy to overwhelm our overall purpose. How it’s important to celebrate our successes as we move forward- no matter how minor they may be.

I don’t have to sell a million copies of my book to feel successful.

I only have to write another thousand words. I only have to write my three emails for the day. I only have to sell one more copy of my book.

I am already successful for accomplishing that much.

Mommy writers make great writers, and I think it’s because we see the momentary setbacks in our writing process, aren’t a factor in our overall success. We don’t allow the occasional “crappy” day to damage our self worth as a parent, or as a writer.

So write today, and then do a little potty dance. I guarantee you’ll feel better.


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