Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Bucket List

This list came to me from a good friend.  Bucket lists are fun because you can write down something you've always wanted to do before leaving this earth and it becomes a goal for the future.  It can even give meaning to your life. So here is mine. The items not marked are some of the things I would like to do, especially the traveling ones, but have not done yet.  I have never stepped a foot outside this country and would like to visit other places.  I've traveled from one end of the country to the other but not outside.  Food for thought!!!!

(X ) shot a gun 
X) gone on a blind date
( X )skipped school  
X) watched someone die
 ) served on a Jury  
 X ) been lost  
 X ) traveled to the opposite side of the country

  X ) visited Washington , DC 
( X )  visited New York City  
  )  visited Canada 
 (  ) visited Hawaii 
( )   visited Cuba    
 ) visited Europe 
  )  visited South America 
 X ) visited Las Vegas      
   )  visited Mexico    
 X ) visited Florida
(  )  visited Australia
( )  visited Jerusalem
( ) 
visited Egypt
(  )  visited Alaska  
 X visited the Grand Canyon
( )  visited Mediterranean
( ) 
visited Far East
( )  lived in a foreign country (longer than a month) 

( X)  swam in the Ocean 
(X)  cried yourself to sleep 
X)  played Cops and Robbers 
(X )  played Cowboys and Indians 
( X)  recently colored with crayons  
 )   sang Karaoke
(X) Sang for a prophet (Harold B. Lee)

( )  Sold a piece of your own artwork 
( )  won a ribbon at a county or state fair
(X) Published a book (4)
X) paid for a meal with coins only 
( X) made prank phone calls  

( X) laughed until some beverage came out of your nose   
( X ) caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X)  sneaked into a theatre, movie, or ticketed event
(X)  participated in a “Chinese fire drill”
( X )  had children 
X) had grandchildren
(  ) been married longer than 30 years (not quite)
(X)  been married more than once

( X ) had a pet    
(X )  been skinny-dipping outdoors 
 X ) been fishing  
 X ) been boating

 (  ) been deep sea-diving 
( x)  been water-skiing
(X)  dove off the high dive board
(X ) swung from a rope into swimming-hole

(x ) been Downhill Skiing

(  )  been cross country skiing
(  ) been parasailing
(X) skated on a frozen lake
(x) been snow-mobiling
(  ) been hooky bobbing (on an innertube, towed by car –snow)

(  )  been ice-fishing
( X ) been Hiking 
(X) been Back Packing

( X ) been camping in a trailer/RV 
 X) been camping in a tent
(X) Camped in the desert
(X ) flown in a small or private 4-seater airplane  
( )flown in a two-seater plane

(  ) flown in a glider  
 ) flown in a helicopter 
   ) flown in a hot air balloon
( ) been on a cruise ship
   ) walked on a glacier 
 x ) driven a Motorcycle  (rode on one)  
(  ) been bungee-jumping   
 X ) gone to a drive-in movie  

(X ) done something that could have killed you 
 X ) done something that you will regret (feel sad about)  
(x)   Rode a horse
(X )  rode an elephant  
(x)  eaten just cookies for dinner
 or cake 
X)  been on T.V.
(X)  Been on the Radio 
( )  talked on a ham radio

( ) stolen any traffic signs   

(x) been in a car accident  
 )donated blood (plasma)
(  ) bailed out of Helicopter/Plane 
(X)  Published a paper or book (4)

 (  )  gone without food & or beverages for longer than 48 hours
  X )  been Hiking 

(X)   been Back Packing
( X ) been camping in a trailer/RV 
 X)  been camping in a tent 
(X )  flown in a small or private 4-seater airplane  
(  )   flown in a two-seater plane

(  )   flown in a glider  
 )   flown in a helicopter 
   )  flown in a hot air balloon
( )   been on a cruise ship
   )   walked on a glacier 
 X)  driven a Motorcycle  (rode on one)  
(  )   been bungee-jumping   
 X ) gone to a drive-in movie  

 Favorite Drink : water
 Have Piercings--yes (each ear only)
 Have tattoo--no
 Do you drive a 4-door vehicle?  yes
 Favorite number: 6
 Favorite Movie: Ever After
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?:   Living
       in an old remodeled Hotel and traveling a lot

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