Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dealing with Rejection.....

Oh my goodness..... I missed my last blog post on here and I feel awful. I hadn't marked the rest of my calender to schedule in a writing session for this blog. I realized a couple of weeks ago that my schedule of blog posts ran out and and thought I was done.   But I'm not done....I have so much more to write.  So looking at the schedule of when I contribute, I realized that I missed an entry....but never fear I will pick it up again and continue on.

Part of my absence was because of  me and my husband's work schedule.  It changed drastically at the beginning of the year.  So while we are making more money doing other things---I am not getting to write as much.  On top of that I was given the ax at the newspaper I wrote for every week.  Because of budget cuts, I was informed that my last column was published last Friday-- which was three weeks ago. I couldn't even write a good-bye column, it was just "That's it---you're gone".  Terrible. I wrote that column for 3 1/2 years which gave me over 200 articles on many, many topics.  It's so sad to see it end but sometimes that's what happens. 

So what do we writers do after a difficult loss of position or rejection????  We think about it for a while, we have a good cry and then we pick ourselves up and continue writing.  I realized that I have enough material to publish another book which will be a collection of my best 100 columns and get myself out there even farther than my own county paper.  I can finish several manuscripts I had been working on for over the last year and I can rearrange my work schedule to spend more time with my family. 

So here I am and will be writing posts to this blog to keep me on my toes and writing my best.  That's all any one can ask for..... 

Happy Writing!!!

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