Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good? Reads

I love goodreads.  I really do.  And before I became an author, goodreads was purely fun times for me.  It was somewhere to find new reads, get book recommendations, and have the occasional lively discussion.
Because I am not only a writer, I’m a reader.
A pretty voracious one at that.
But things have recently shifted, and goodreads isn’t always so fun for me anymore.
It’s work.
I try (really hard) to comment, and participate, and keep up with all of my favorite people and blogs.  Out of my 548 friends on goodreads, I know only a handful of them in real life, and I only trust about a half dozen more to give me recommendations that I might actually read.  
The rest are mostly blogs I follow, people who share a love of the same books I do, those who have friended me, and then. . .the indies.
(Cue evil entrance music)
Oh, I know, I am one.
And from the very people I should be embracing, comes the spam.
Some days, it’s downright overwhelming.  Like sifting through a mountain of garbage to find a few true gems.
I know we’re all looking for ways to market our book, and goodreads is all fan base,
But goodreads is not a dating website/singles bar/street corner.
Authors should not act like prostitutes.
Don’t try to friend me if the only book you have listed as "read". . .is your own.
Did you know it actually lists the name of the person who is sending me the book recommendation? So we can assume I’ve already checked out your profile, and if I wanted to read your book, I would have added it to my “to read.” Please stop “recommending” it to me.
Once I walked into a yogurt shop, threw up on the floor, and left.  When you join a group and drop your book on the bookshelf- but never participate in any discussions. . .it’s rude.  I was eleven.  What’s your excuse?  
Continuing to try and add me as a friend, after I’ve already ignored you (three times), is only going to make me want to report you to goodreads, and possibly flog you on the message boards.
Please don’t flatter me in my own comments, when you’ve never actually read my book.  I can view your bookshelf. 
I have a problem with male authors.  Call me sexist- my husband does it all the time.  I don’t read very many of them.  I don’t connect well with a male "voice," and don't usually enjoy the writing.  I’ve had thirty-three years to figure this out, so please stop trying to convince me your book will “rock my world.” (Actual message)
Now, I’m not a “reader” blogger- I’m an author- so I know some of you bloggers out there must have some of your own pet peeves. . .let ‘em rip.

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