Monday, June 11, 2012

 Since our blog has the theme of Mommies.....I thought this book review would fit right in.  Hot off the presses, this tribute to mothers is a great pick-me-up when you finally fall into bed and want to relax. Just a hoot and if you are having a crummy day it will be a much better one after reading a few pages. 

Musings on Motherhood is written by Susan Law Corpany who is a great writer friend and has a series of interesting novels about a widow---which I can relate to. This book has antidotes and funny stories which are very memorable and you can read this in either paper back or kindle version. 

Susan Law Corpany has been through many trials and tribulations yet sees a lot of experiences through a funny sense of humor.  A cross between Erma Bombeck and Erma Bombeck. She has a way of describing situations like no other. Whether funny or heart warming this is a great read in 216 pages.

From Amazon---
This humorous book about mothers in all their varieties is one woman's journey from devoted daughter to loving mother to non-wicked stepmother to well-intentioned mother-in-law to doting grandmother. Humorous and heartwarming, like a warm fuzzy pair of slippers with a lollipop stuck to them.
From the back cover:

"Served alongside her breakfast in bed, this "momoir" will make any mother less inclined to notice the burnt toast, runny eggs and limp bacon. Warm and fuzzy like a pair of comfy slippers, but with a lollipop stuck to them. There is something here for anyone who has ever been a mother or had a mother."

If we could all see life through Susan's eyes---we would be very blessed.

Valerie Steimle


  1. Adding this to my list- heaven knows I can always use a laugh. Thanks Valerie!