Monday, August 6, 2012

The Remains of a Technological Day

Valerie J. Steimle

The frustration is incredible.  How can I function when my computer has blitzed out on my emails. I can’t open any hotmail from my computer!!!  Yikes. My internet server is going off every five minutes!!!  Technology problems!!!  I am going to throw this computer out the window!!!

I’m sure those statements sound familiar to everyone.  We all have to deal with modern technology, unless we are still working in the dark ages with pen and paper and an old clunker type writer.

I remember those days. I had my own portable typewriter back in my college days of 1977 to 82.  All of my papers were typed on this typewriter which I loved. I whizzed through papers like nobody’s business and was an ace at submitting all of my papers in top form just from this portable typewriter.  But now we are in the 21st Century and we are all dependent on our laptops, tablets and even desk top computers which I still use every day.  It would probably take double or even triple the time to do what I did on my old portable not to mention the inability to send off queries to agents quickly through emails.  It’s just not that world anymore.

As writers we are expected to be computer savvy enough to know our way around the programs we use to write on and store our precious finished products. It is another world for the average writer as we are more interested in grammar and storyline than the techie stuff of a computer. But it is in our best interest to keep ourselves updated in computer literacy and learn all that we can about blog designs, email attachments and other such necessities. Attending a class in computer literacy has helped me understand all of the technological insides.

Learning my way around the computer helped me tremendously to be independent on retrieving lost manuscripts, making back up copies and even converting files to other forms so I can publish my books in Kindle and Nook. It is an incredible world and writers need to be abreast of computer abilities.

In the mean time, it’s back to my email problems and trying to fix my account.

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