Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh what do you do in the Summertime?

This month has been hard.  Do you remember as a kid spending summer doing all sorts of vacation type things?  Going to the beach, reading books for hours, crafts, water fights, sleepovers.  
Maybe my expectations are high. Maybe I should try and remember I'm a mom now.  Relaxation will come once they're all out of the house.
It never even occurred to me, as a  Mom, in charge of making summer fun, it's not so fun for you.
I'm saying it.  Summer sucks.
Okay maybe not all summers, but this one does.  At least for me.
I haven't written a thing in two months.
My mind is going crazy with plot ideas waiting to spill over into sentences and exclamations and story structure.  
But I can't sit down and type.  I've got Summer camps, and swim meets, and dance practice, and doctors visits, and not to mention all the needs of my friends and family.
Did I mention the four weddings I'm in?
I was reading through Heidi's post from last month.  My flippant advice to survive and write when you can.  Then this last month hit like a hurricane.
Write when I can?  What if you can't?
What do you do?
And so I sit and type this blog post, and realize there are things of more import than my writing.
It's painful to write the truth sometimes.
It's learning to accept the choice to have clean laundry and happy children.
At least for this month.




  1. I understand. I didn't get the itch to write until my kids were teenagers. When they were younger, they needed my undivided attention. When they were older and I was their primary driver, I took a notebook with me everywhere and wrote while I waited. My brain didn't shut down while I watched activities. I just used a small flashlight when there wasn't enough light, like sitting in the car, or sitting on the bleachers during an evening football game, soccer game, whatever. No, I'm not suggesting you stand with a notebook in your hand and write while wearing your one-time-only bridesmaid dresses. I'm sure the bride and groom would frown on something like that. Or--they'd be impressed with your dedication. But while the kids are playing, or you're sitting in the doctor's waiting room, like I did this morning, that's totally doable. Scribble where and when you can--transcribe at night after the kiddos are in bed.

    Good luck!

  2. Aww the life of a Mommy writer. It's almost impossible to find time to write unless it's in the middle night, blurried eyed and zombified...
    Remember to at least scribble down the hundreds of ideas spilling out of your head!