Thursday, August 8, 2013

Announcements of sorts

Sometimes I know exactly what to blog about. Sometimes there is just that one thing that I really need to talk about or what to hear what other people think. This is not one of those times. My perfect bumper sticker for the moment would be: Summer Happens.
In a month of never ending busy-ness, compounded by the scuffs, scrapes, and obstacles that are life with young children, I have just been trying to keep my head. NO seriously, there was a moment where a heavy toy and my face nearly made contact while I was trying to do some stretching.
Near misses aside, I have news.  Though I did announce that my first novel, The Accidental Apprentice, would be a Xchyler Publishing (Hamilton Springs Press) publication I can now tell you that it will be out in February of 2014. Holy deadlines Batman!
I can also tell you that registration for the 2014 Time Out for Writers, sponsored by the American Night Writers Association, will open Oct 1st. And our Keynote Speaker- (drumroll please) is Sarah M. Eden!!
I do promise, despite my mountain of tasks, that I will construct a really thought provoking/entertaining/insightful blog post for next month.
In the meantime, watch this delightful episode of the Big Bang Theory, and impatiently await the season premiere with me. It’s how I get the laundry folded.  ;)

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