Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cauldron of Love

Writers Unite to Fight Cancer are crafting their first cookbook! You are invited to participate by sending in your favorite recipe to be included. Cauldron of Love will include all the categories of traditional cookbooks plus additional categories:

  • R&R recipes - items for home spa and so forth
  • Appetite friendly recipes - items for  people with loss of appetite such as patients going through chemotherapy
  • Juice  - cleansing or detoxifying recipes
Recipes should include items and measurements with instructions,  ADA label information if available, and a high resolution, >300 dpi full color jpg, picture of the final product / plated item. 
There is no limit to the number of recipes any one individual or group / organization may submit for consideration to be included in the Cauldron of Love. All submitters who are published in the cookbook will be allowed a 150 word bio with links to their own websites/blogs. In addition the submitter may choose to include a personality recipe that describes themselves or their group.
The purpose for this cookbook is to raise operational funds for Writers Unite to Fight Cancer , WUFC. (All published authors are invited to join WUFC.) We will be holding a Kickstarter Campaign with the Cauldron of Love during Cancer Awareness month, October 2013.
Send your recipes or additional categories you would like to see included in Cauldron of Love via email to . 
Writers Unite to Fight Cancer
Margaret L. Turley, Administrator
Writers Unite to Fight Cancer
1146 N. Mesa Dr. #102-233
Mesa, Arizona  85201

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