Thursday, July 17, 2014

Punting Piranhas (or I Need a Nap)

by H. Linn Murphy

Slacker Mommy signing in. This has been my day:

*2am--go to bed after running, writing, meetings, and random hijinx or however the heck *you spell the dang thing.
*4am--bathroom break
*6am--second bathroom break
*7am--send son off on his high adventure camping trip and the Hubs to work
*9am--check mail and give son his health waver
*9:15am--clean room and make bed
*11am-4pm--help a friend clean, pack to move, and unpack the truck at the other end
*5pm--paint a lawn gnome (my son will be so thrilled since he hates lawn gnomes) and some gingerbread for the house (not the edible kind) while watching Gilmore Girls re-runs (you can't beat the wit)
*6pm--make a delicious and oh so healthy veggie soup for dinner
*7pm--work on mail and suddenly remember I have this blog post (flogging to begin momentarily)
*7:05pm--write like the wind, Silver
*7:29--eat soup alone with the Hubs since the girls bailed when they found out we were having soup
*7:30pm-plus--prepare for staffing at cub camp tomorrow and the next day (owl pellets and liquid nitrogen and bucky balls and giant weather balloons. Yay!!!)
*Somewhere in there--write at least 100 words on one of my WIPs for the ANWA site so I'll be in the running for a prize sometime
*Copious spare time--Hunt down what died in the fridge and embalm it
*Somewhere else in there--hang the laundry that has been sitting in the basket for cough_a_day_cough getting rained on
*Midnight--clean more things and make sure everybody has clean pants and staff shirts and they aren't sitting out there in that basket of nasty-smelling stuff
*Some nebulous time after midnight--rack 'em up, Judy

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  1. Wow---You did a lot that day!!! It's amazing how much we can get done in one day!! Then the next day you crash!! LOL