Thursday, January 22, 2015

I discovered Drops of Awesome

Some may consider this cheating, but I'm giving full credit where it is due. 

Half a year ago, a friend referenced a blog post called Drops of Awesome. You can find it here: 

Yes, I know. You skipped clicking on the link. Go back and read it. Kathryn says it so much better than I can. AND she said it three years ago, and people are still referencing it, clicking it, and sharing it. Someone tell her to publish it as a pamphlet and make .99 a copy! She could've bought a new bra by now. ;) (You have to have read her story to get the reference.) 

I shared this with my church girls age 12-18 earlier this month, complete with the object lesson. They thought it was, well, awesome! 

But lately, I've forgotten my own lesson, or rather, Kathryn's lesson. 

Each day I have opportunities to put drops of awesome in my bucket/bowl. Every drop counts. Most importantly, drops cannot be taken away once they've been earned. They flow on and on and spread to those around you, spreading joy, spreading awesome. 

I'm human and I tend to get down on myself on what I'm not getting done/not accomplishing the goals I've set for myself, just like so many of you. For those who have perfected the art of positivity, you may skip the rest of my rambling. 

I tend to focus each day on the half of the glass that is empty instead of the half that is full of drops of awesome. This focus in the wrong direction makes me anxious and irritable. Not exactly the description of someone you want to hang out with or, for that matter, that I want to be around. 

But when I focus on the good, those negative feelings diminish, and I can be so much better company and be more productive. I'm sure it makes a difference to my family, at least. 

So, here's my list of drops of awesome for the day. 

Got up on time. Drop. Read my scriptures. Drop. Fed my kids. Drop. Got them to the bus on time with healthy lunches. Drop. Worked out. Drop. Finished watching Downton Abby. Drop. Showered. Drop. Edited a chapter in my next book. Drop. (These chapters currently take 2 hours to edit so it's a commitment. Reference Tristi's post on procrastination.) Braved the snow to pickup my kid from school who is running a fever. Drop. Brought in the recycling bin so my husband wound't have to. Drop. Set up sick kid with Star Wars while I write this post. Drop. 

I'm only half way through the day with a long To Do list to go, but if I look at all the eleven drops of awesome I've already accumulated, and banish that stupid voice in my head that says 'Big deal', then I'm doing pretty well. Plus I'm motivated to continue adding to my drops. 

Don't worry about perfect. Focus on the Drops of Awesome instead. They'll take you a lot closer to perfect than most other things. 

Now, go. Be Awesome!

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  1. Drops of Awesome is seriously my favorite blog post. It's my go-to when people are hard on themselves. Thanks for reminding me about it. :)