Monday, January 12, 2015

Off to college

Well, today I am writing about an event all moms face, sending your first child off to college. My eldest daughter just started for winter and spring term and I went with her to set her up in her apartment.

I was so excited to go. It has been 20 plus years since I've been on a college campus and I still remember the incredible times and amazing friends. As I traveled with my daughter I couldn't help but wonder what her experience would be like. She is rooming with three other Freshman girls and right from the start I knew that they'd all click. Phew. One worry down. 

Next thought, will she have enough to eat? When I left she had enough food to last for a month, lol. I couldn't help myself. I filled her pantry and then some. One of her roommate's even asked me, "Where is she going to put all that food?" I went to three different grocery stores and scoped them out. The night before I left I took her to one that delivers food. We went aisle by aisle and wrote down the name and cost of everything she might ever order. Yep, total overkill, but I'm a mom. Another big issue- food allergies. I made sure each roommate knew about her peanut allergy and then made her duct tape her epi-pen to the fridge. Another worry down.

I stayed long enough to help her add and drop classes. She finally ended up with what I think is a peachy schedule. I was thrilled that she took my advice.

But, now I am home and the real trial begins- missing her. How do other mom's deal with this? I miss her so much. My other kids introduced me to Skype, and I've done it almost everyday. I can tell she's getting sick of it. When I walk passed her room with all the clutter everywhere it still feels like she's here. My girl is growing up. What a journey! Moms any advice?

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