Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blank Page

It seems I only get writer's block when I try to add something worthwhile to this blog. 


Novels. Can do. 

Newspaper article to promote the musical I am in. Taken care of lickety-split. 

Book review. If I can make it to my computer without getting distracted by half a million other things I have to do on the Internet. Done. (Speaking of which, I need a new pest control company.)

Talk to me in person, I've got lots to say. In fact, you might have a hard time getting me to stop. I've got the gift of gab thanks to the Blarney stone. 

Come up with a topic you want to read about and will add value to your lives. Zilch. I got nothing. 


Too much pressure? Nothing of interest happening in my life? (I'm having a super busy summer so how is that possible?) Do I not have anything of worth to add to the world? I hope that's not true. 

So, why do I blank out when it's my turn to post? Will anyone even see it? Will anyone even care if I don't write on my day or say anything that makes the world a better place? Honestly, I wonder if that last part is it. Does anyone even read blogs now that don't have a mass following of thousands? Or a billion hit YouTube video attached? Do readers really want to know what authors are like in their "real" lives? 

I think I'll step down now from writing my nothing post and resist taking up anymore of your precious time and using up this corner of cyberspace. 

What do you do when nothing comes to mind when it's your turn to write? 


  1. Sometimes I feel exactly like you do--and then I pray for inspiration and start reading other posts on this site and realize that we are all real people.

    Somebody's post resonates with me and jogs something in me that I hope will resonate with others. And I write it. And hope that it may be helpful to at least one other person. And sometimes it is.

    Just like your post is.

    We all feel this way at times. I'm certain of it. ;)

    And there is something gratifying in you being brave enough to voice something I think we have all felt at some time or another. It connects us as people. Thank you. :)

  2. I haven't been great about getting each month's post done this summer. I've had a son come home from his mission to Russia, a family reunion, a daughter got married, now she's moving out. Plus I've had two other weddings and a funeral. So life.
    My problem isn't what to write, it's what not to. I tend to use writing as therapy. Sometimes it comes off more like a rant than a pleasant little filler piece. But then life is not always a pleasant little filler piece. Sometimes life is sloppy and lonely and more like a bog and you just have to slog through it and hope there are fellow sloggers going in your direction. I hope you count me as one of your fellow sloggers.