Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve!

by Suzanne Warr

If you celebrate Christmas, you and your household are probably in a fevered state, anticipating tomorrow morning.  All the planning, care, lists and running to and fro will be culminated in this one day.  Many of us can still feel an excited buzz when looking back on past Christmases, especially those when we were young.  A smile lifts our face and laughter sparkles in our eyes.

For those who look forward to and love Christmas morning, finding that someone prefers Christmas Eve can seem odd.  I know it hadn't occurred to me, as a kid.  After all, what could compare to the fun of discovering the stuff inside a stocking, or ripping open a present?  Now, as an adult, I think I enjoy Christmas Eve in a different way, but just as much.

Here's a great little film--Kipper's Christmas Eve--that our family loves.  He says it well:

Kipper is always chill, yet always enthused, much like the best kind of Christmas Eve.  I hope yours is lovely, and the rest of your Christmas weekend, as well!


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