Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Goals for 2016

It's the first month of a new year, so of course I'm jumping on the band wagon of making goals. 

Goals are best achieved if written down and someone besides yourself holds you accountable. If you post them publicly, then you have to be the kind of person who won't be ashamed if you don't meet them or are okay with not being perfect and failing occasionally along the road of life. I'm both so I'm not afraid to share. 

Now my writing goals: 

Jan: Finish writing Silver Star (my NaNo book from Nov)
Feb: Edit Guy on the Corner
Mar: Send GOC to betas and The Make-out Artist for psych eval
Apr: Edit GOC with beta feedback
May: Format GOC
Jun: Artist makes cover for GOC and recruit for social media release 
Jul: GOC cover reveal & give it to editor
Aug: GOC final edits & recruit for launch
Sep: Launch GOC
Oct: Promote GOC
Nov: NaNo
Dec: Continue writing NaNo book

I also set goals in 6 areas this year that I'm not sharing at this time. In case you want to make your own goals the categories are: 


Remember the key to success is to make them small, measurable, and attainable. 

What are your goals this year?

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