Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Year in Review, and Au Revoir...

Today will be my last post on the blog, and just now happens to be the anniversary of several momentous happenings in my life.  For those reasons, I hope you'll forgive me if I wax a little retrospective.

One year ago today my son flew for the first time by himself, and stayed the night with his aunt and uncle.  The next day, he entered the Missionary Training Center, and after studying and studying and studying, flew to Seoul, South Korea where he's spent the last year.  Serving a mission for our church has helped him to grow, and helped us to realize just how much we love him.  I'm grateful for both experiences.  And, grateful that one year from tomorrow, he'll be coming home. ;)

Two years ago almost exactly, our then six-grade daughter developed Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, after having a taxing school year.  She finished up an outdoor flute concert with her group, then went down and spent the better part of the next six weeks flat on her back, unable to stand without assistance.  She does worlds better now, but we've also learned that she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disease, and recognize that her health challenges will last her lifetime.

One month and one year ago, we sold our small farm, and the last of our chickens and guineas, and moved back to the city where we have easy access to the hospitals, and can devote more time to taking care of our daughter.  This was the second time we've sold what we believed was our forever dream house, and somewhere in the range of the 20th time we've moved our family.'s tiring!

Three years ago this April, I got a full request--as a result of a contest--from an agent that would turn into my agent, Christa Heschke.  Despite lots of setbacks, she's proven herself to be savvy and devoted.  Best of all, she has my back and is truly a champion of my books.

Six years ago on April 15th, my brother just younger than me and his wife were killed in a car accident.  They were both in their twenties, and coming up on their three year anniversary.  They'd bought their first house, and were thinking of starting their family.

So many challenges...and yet, so many blessings.  Because of the challenges, I learned the depth of the love my family and friends have for me and mine.  Because of the blessings, I've learned how to press on, holding high my light of hope, no matter how deep the surrounding darkness.  And I've also learned that challenges can become blessings, in a miraculous shift that doesn't so much change their nature as change ours.  I'm grateful for every experience--yess, all of them. :)

I'll be leaving the blog, to concentrate my energy and efforts elsewhere.  Some of that will be our daughter, and some is life generally, and some is my romantic suspense books, of which my first will be published--you guessed it--one year from now!  I'd love it if you can join me on that journey--just like my Lily Black (note the single L in the middle!) page on Facebook--but no matter what your life brings for you, I hope your journey will be blessed.

Much love, my friends!

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