Thursday, April 14, 2016

God's GPS

by H. Linn Murphy

I've been in Scouting for fifteen years, both in the LDS church and in the community. I've done all kinds of things. I've been den leader, assistant den leader, cub master, camp director, camp program director, staffer for countless cub camps and achievement days, trainer, and Unit Commissioner. I'd been to camp school and every kind of training there is for almost every part of scouting, plus Woodbadge. So I pretty much thought I knew most of what I needed when I got this new job as the first councillor in the stake primary.

But I didn't. What I didn't know was surprising. So I went about re-inventing the best road map I could as fast as I could. I wanted to really do my job well, and I felt the church scouting wasn't all that well organized in our stake (or council). I prayed over my position and a little voice kept telling me, "You don't know it all. Go get even more trained." So I did. But that little voice also said, "Go look in the Church handbook and on Well today I finally did. I found out I could throw my stupid map out the window.

And I found out that I am an idiot. Okay maybe just clueless. Of course Heavenly Father is the ultimate organizer. Of course His church is super organized. On the web site and in the handbook it shows supreme order. It's all thought out quite well. 

Who isn't organized is me, and maybe lots of people like me. It's a matter of seeing the iron rod right there next to my hand, and reaching out to grasp the dang thing. 

It's the same thing with lots of areas in our lives. We think we have to run around like crazy people doing all kinds of extra work to make sure we're in control of our lives, when the Lord has already given us the tools and the help we need to pull our lives into some semblance of order. We have the scriptures and gospel. We have prayer as a direct pipeline to the Lord. We have all kinds of manuals, teachers, leaders, parents, and friends to help us keep on an even keel.

No more re-inventing a new GPS. We've already got a great hand rail. Catch hold.

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