Thursday, June 16, 2016

School is Out for Summer

School is out for summer...
Or it will be tomorrow for my kids. 
Others have been out for weeks and still more kids will finally close the school doors next week. 
Then of course, there are the kids with year round school. 
And the kids who are homeschooled. 
Do they get a "summer break?" All you homeschool moms out there chime in. Do you take more time off during the hot months?

What is it about summer that gets us to the point where we want to throw in the towel about all responsibility and just kick back? 

(I couldn't resist adding this fun 50's/60's throw back picture!)

Then, there's me who is plotting all those fun indoor organizational projects I can tackle, what I can paint, etc. 

Oh, and my kids don't get "off" because school ended. In order to earn "screen" time over summer my kids have to do worksheets, math, writing, this summer I'm adding typing, and chores. Then, they can ask for screen time.

Then of course, there are camps, vacations, swim team, etc. to fill up our days. At moments it seems like we're running an overwhelming marathon. And I even cut out doing the musical this summer after our kookoo crazy summer last year.

At which point, the chill out seems to have vanished and it's time for school to start again.

What are you doing to keep your kids high minded while still having fun?

What ways to you keep the chill in summer?

Enjoy and don't get sunburned!

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