Monday, July 18, 2016

Spaghetti Miracle Trek

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I had the opportunity to serve during Trek this summer. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Trek, it is when teenagers 14-18 years old dress up like pioneers and pull handcarts full of their stuff for 3 days. They sleep outdoors without tents and eat pioneer food. 

I fed the support staff at base camp. So, I lived the luxury life for those 3 days, sleeping in a tent with a blow up mattress and taking a warm shower everyday. The kids didn't get any showers at all. 

Their food was simple fare: apples, water, beef stew, roast pig, etc. The support staff better, i.e.the same food they'd eat at home. 

One girl, I'll call her Jane, attended Trek. Her additional challenge: she is vegan. On day one, the kids pulled hand carts for 10-11 miles through the woods. She skipped breakfast (a big no-no) and at dinner time had only eaten an apple and a twizzler. She'd drank very little water. (Many girls chose to drink as little water as possible to forego peeing in the woods. Mistake) Beef stew dinner was served at 9pm to the tired, dirty, hungry kids. 

Whatever the circumstances, Jane's special vegan food wasn't with her on Trek. She had nothing to eat. Leaders tended to her. She cried to her brother, that all she wanted was to go home and eat a large bowl of spaghetti. That's when the call came in to base camp to find Jane something to eat. 

The Lord had foreseen Jane's need. I'd served a veggie platter at lunch time to the staff. Jane got a plate of veggies. And I still had leftover spaghetti with vegan tomato sauce (a staff member had a dairy allergy I had to avoid so it was meat and dairy free). 

Right after Jane expressed her wish for a large bowl of spaghetti, two leaders arrived with the veggies and spaghetti. She ate with gusto. And a leader, who'd sat with her the whole time, pointed out that the Lord answered her prayer and wanted Jane to stay and finish Trek. She did. 
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Some would call it coincidence. I disagree. 

See, I'd made the menu for Trek in May. It took place 2 months later in July. It's amazing to me, how the Lord knows each of us individually and can prepare to meet our needs through another even without them knowing it. Besides having left over spaghetti, I also had left over rice. I debated which to send to Jane not knowing which one would appeal to her more and felt impressed to send the spaghetti. 

I was grateful to be a part of the Lord's answer to a young woman's prayer. And for the reminder, in my own life, how well he knows and loves each one of us. 

What miracles, large or small, have you seen in your life? 

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  1. Wow---thanks for posting. That truly is a miracle...