Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get yourself on Goodreads

We have some fun things a comin' here at Mommy Authors, and the first is our brand spankin' new Goodread's group.  We take Mommies and Writers in all shapes and sizes (metaphorically speaking)!

I firmly believe Mom's who write have the hardest part of it, so we at Mommy Authors wanted a place where we could buoy each other, and celebrate even the most mediocre of successes.  
Literal or otherwise.
It's also a place to chat books, vent about kids, and make new writing goals.
We'd love to have ya'!


  1. I totally agree. I love Goodreads. It is so encouraging to read the reviews and very motivating to keep writing!!!

  2. It has been really fun connecting with other writers. Great resource!