Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Avoiding Writing

I'm not quite sure why. I'm in the middle of querying, of course. And I wrote a whole post about waiting, waiting and what you should be doing. Writing. Which I did. I mentioned that I finished a draft. It's been through the first stage of my editing process and is sitting quietly on a proverbial shelf for a month or two. I started another fun project and that's why I'm not writing. It's guilt. Weird, I know.

I usually always have a bunch of things in the works, but I've really tried to get away from that. Things tend to not get finished. And once I started concentrating on finishing things, things DID get finished. So I have some happy documents sitting in my "Finished Drafts" folder. (And still far too many in my "Unfinished Drafts" folder.) 

So the thing is, I'm about 15k words in (a trouble spot for me if you've been paying attention over the last six months), and the couple just got together, and I need, you know, some happy stuff to happen before all heck breaks loose. Only--I'm having a really hard time with the happy stuff. My mind is blank. Totally. Utterly. Blank. 

I've been breaking my rule, too. Going off and cheating with other projects, only I keep feeling guilty about it. So I come back to my WIP. Stare at it. Check twitter. Check my email. Stare some more. Send off another query just to feel productive. Stare. Stare. STARE.

Then I give up and snuggle up with Gerogette Heyer. Cause she's a genius. And while it gives me absolutely no inspiration--though I wish I could pull off romance as witty and effortlessly and charmingly as she does--I giggle quite a bit and feel a tad bit less guilty. Not by much, but I don't seem to care when me and Georgette are hanging out. 

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  1. When I get stuck like that, often times I'll watch movies that are similar in genre to my book and get ideas from them. Maybe that would help?