Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All's Quiet on the NaNo Front?

As the self-proclaimed, Mommy Author resident NaNo WriMo expert, you all might be wondering why I've been so quiet on the subject lately. Do I not realize that it's mere days away? Surely I have a plot and outline all ready? I probably did it in September!

I do. I don't. I didn't.

I'm not doing NaNo WriMo this year.

*Gasp.* What? After last year when I bugged out early because my novel flopped and then I decided to make my kids presents for Christmas, leaving no time for last minute scrambling to meet my word count goal?

Yup. And I have a pretty good reason for failing two years in a row. If you hang around my twitter, blog, or Facebook, you might have picked up that I have some exciting things happening in the coming weeks. (I'm writing this post early and crossing my fingers that by the time it actually posts, it will have already happened ...)

I'm expecting Clark Baby #3. (And I'm not just being vague about the name because this is the internet and all -- well, that too -- we actually don't have a name locked in yet.)

That's no excuse, you say? Yeah, normally I'd agree. I wrote my first full-length NaNo WriMo (and first finished novel) when my second was only six months old. But this baby is different. I waited a long time for this baby (without getting into specifics, it wasn't related to my health. :D) I really just want to spend November (and December, January, February, March ...) sitting in a rocking chair and staring at him. So I'm going to. Because I can.

But you guys should all do NaNo. Really! I'm here to cheer you on and we even have a NaNo Mom-O forum for you over at the Goodreads group, so you should go check that out. I'll stop by to shout encouragement from my rocking chair. And perhaps toss out an idea or two, since I won't be using them. :D

And, because I have to know -- What's your bright NaNo idea this year?


  1. Oh! Congratulations! I say rock away, because you can:) If this is baby number three, then you already know this, but time goes by so fast. Enjoy every second of that new baby smell, sweet baby kisses and even the late nights and early mornings. Because it won't be long and that time will slip away.

  2. Congratulations! I don't blame you at all. Lucky for me, I had my girls in April and May so I had plenty of staring/cuddling time before November but those first few months are hard to accomplish anything. Lol!