Friday, October 5, 2012

Opening Words Contest

Remember that short story contest we had a while ago? Well, we were a bit disappointed in the participation levels, which got all of us a little down here. As the semi-official PR person here at Mommy Authors, I made an executive decision to try again and to make it a little easier. Instead of doing something crazy like requiring you guys to come up with a whole short story, how about we try 25 opening words?

Here's how it's going to go:

Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat
1. Create the opening lines of a story based on the image above (Happy Halloween this month, btw!). No more than 25 words!

2. Submit those 25 words in a comment on ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, under the thread w/ this picture, titled "October Opening Words". (Our facebook page is here.) (If your opening words aren't posted under the right thread, we won't know they're in the contest!)

3. Encourage your friends, family, followers to drop by and "like" your 25 words. The comment with the most "likes" will win a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate. In the case of a tie, the Mommy Author Bloggers will serve as tie-breaking votes.

So spread the word and come win!

Contest closes Monday, October 29th at 12:00am mountain time.


  1. Oh, I would love to participate, but I don't have a FaceBook!! Too bad:(

    1. I sent you an email concerning this. :)

    2. Thanks, but I don't think I got the email? Address is

      ink in the boook (at) gmail (dot) com

      Please resend!

    3. It just said to go ahead and put your 25 words here on this post and then encourage friends/family/etc. to come her to reply to your post with the word "like" and we will count that as your entry and votes.

    4. Ok! I've not seen any of the other entries, so I hope this is what you were asking for! It's below:

      Creaky floorboards echoed the sounds whistling through cracks in the windows. Shadows danced atop the corn silks, swaying eerily to music of the howling winds.

    5. Definitely like your post, Talynn, Good luck!

    6. I like your entry. Perfect for the halloween season!

  2. I'm really impressed with all the wonderful opening words!!! It was really hard to choose...

  3. I was wondering when you will be announcing the winner of this contest. I was one of the contestants.

    Thank you!
    Erika Amonett

    1. Hi Erika! I'll make an announcement Friday. Thanks for following up.