Friday, October 12, 2012

Giveaway: Saving Halloween

Happy October!
This is truly my favorite time of year. I love the change of the seasons. I love the way the light turns golden, the mornings are crisp and foggy, the trees explode with color. I even love when Oregon returns to her natural, rainy state.
Pumpkin patches.
Herbal tea warming cold fingers.
I love Halloween so much that I went trick-or-treating every year until I got married. I'm short and a sheet ghost costume easily disguised my too oldness.
That is why I am so happy to introduce to you, Saving Halloween by Lisa Ard. (Remember her?)
When book-smart Anne Parson meets Halloween Spavento, she sees exactly what she wants to see -- a friend. Halloween waves away trouble, magically silences school bullies and offers Anne unfailing friendship. But, when the Spavento family's enchanting exploits are exposed, will Anne face her fears and save Halloween?

A spellbinding tale of outcasts who find acceptance, a girl who discovers the true meaning of family, and characters who are not always what they seem.
2012 Kay Snow Award Winner

I have to be honest, with all the excitement going on in my life the last couple of weeks, I have not had a chance to finish it yet, but what I did read, I was absolutely charmed by. I'm hoping to move it to the top of my stack next week - but you don't have to wait for me. You can get your own copy.
 Enter to win an ebook version of Saving Halloween by answering one of the following question:

What was the best costume you ever wore?
If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

We'll pick and announce a winner next Friday.
Don't want to wait? Buy a print or ebook copy here.


  1. Thanks Heidi for the post!
    I'll get us started here by sharing my favorite costume - a pumpkin! The only costume my mom ever sewed for me. I had a cute green felt hat for a topper. I was already well over 5 feet tall, so I was a very large pumpkin!

  2. I don't know about the best, but the worst was when I dressed as a wrapped present in 7th grade- giant wrapping paper covered box around my midsection and a jolly red and green hat on my head- and NO ONE else in the class wore a costume. Burned on my brain!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I'd love to win one to read to my little ones in time for Halloween! I can't recall any costumes except when I went as a ballerina. My sister and I wore the costumes from the recital. They were bright yellow and had rainbow tutus and headbands. (It was the 80s, kids. Not much redeeming in the style section;-)) Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck to everyone that enters!!

    1. I had a ballerina costume too--when I was 4...Fell over backwards from the dressing table into a tall trash can and all anyone could see was my feet kicking to get out. That was before the recital.

  4. I had a lot of really epic costumes as a kid. My mom made most of them, so I got them pretty much exactly how I wanted them. I was a mouse, a witch, a my little pony, Deanna Troi, a dead baby doll, (you can tell which ones were older, hehe), and I don't even remember what all else! I think my favorite costume ever was when I was in college, and wore an alien mask with jeans and a hoodie. I snuck up on my boss, scared the crud out of him when he saw the mask!

  5. A few years ago, I dressed up as a "Trophy Wife" - I wore a gold, sparkly gown with a pedestal around my feet that read "Awarded to the World's Best Husband" - It was really fun, even if it was hard to walk in! (You can see a picture here:

    1. Veronica - you win a copy of Saving Halloween! Send your email address to heidi[at]franticallysimple[dot]com to claim it. Thanks!

    2. Yay! I'm so excited! Sending the email now :)

  6. Halloween in the 6o's in New England consisted mostly of plastic made clothes you wear over your regular clothes and a plastic mask. I really didn't know any better and just went along because I didn't really care.
    The costume I made as a BYU coed was "Little Red Riding Hood" as all of my roomates wanted a fairy tale theme. I loved that costume but if I were to be someone for the day--I would definitely choose Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice--Man, that would be fun!!!

  7. My favorite costume was when I dressed as Olive to my boyfriend (now husband)'s Popeye. That was a great time. Thanks for causing me to reflect back on it!

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    2. What fun! I'd love to see a photo sometime!

    3. I doubt there is photographic evidence! Darn!

      Thanks for deleting the double post...the system seemed to be fighting me! Also, the "link" to my "who" is broken (likely due to a typo on my part). Oh well, you know I'm not a robot! : )

  8. Due to technical difficulties - I'm posting this one:
    Laura G said...
    If I could be anyone else for a day, I would still choose Pippi Longstocking! I have wanted to be her for years now! I always thought I'd get to do what I wanted when I was an adult; apparently, I get to make choices (laundry or dishes first), but not like Pippi did! Love that girl!

    As far as costumes, no one talks about 70's costumes like Jerry Seinfeld in his book "Halloween" (I know books should be underlined, but the computer is fighting me). The mask with the broken string, Mom's making you wear a coat over your costume.... Check it out! It is hilarious!