Monday, August 4, 2014

As I became a mom and started all the sports and activities with my kids, I learned that it’s okay sometimes to say no. If life has gotten crazy and you can’t take one more thing, turn something down so you can stay sane.

Somewhere along the way I forgot that little piece of advice. But is it so bad? As long as I’m doing what needs to be done with my family and church, is it bad to volunteer for a few more things? 

In 2010 I owned a cute little bookstore called Dragons & Fairy Tales. It only lasted a year before funding ran out and I chose to close the store. The store had brought so many amazing experiences and I was able to meet authors that helped me with ideas to jumpstart my writing career.

Fast forward four years and my mind has been going back to my bookstore. I want it so badly it hurts. I’ve thought of reopening, but this time with a kickstarter to help fund it. Right around the time I was thinking of ways to make it possible, I was approached by a lady out here in Eagle Mountain that wanted to restart the arts council that had been tried several times. 

We met and discussed ideas in a group of about ten people. And guess who volunteered to be the director over literary arts? Yes, that was me. One of our visions for the future is to have a theater/museum/bookstore. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Along with that, I’ve volunteered to help with LDStorymakers, a book festival, and a few other opportunities that have come up. Every time I volunteer, I decide whether or not it will affect my time with family, or if it will interfere with other projects I’ve jumped into.

So, why not? Why not put yourself out there and do something you’ve always wanted to? Why not volunteer to help the groups you belong to? If you don’t, who will?  It’s easy enough to wish that someone would start a group or open a business, but why not do it yourself?

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