Thursday, August 27, 2015

A dog and his gifts...

by Suzanne Warr

When we decided to sell our mini farm and move our family and dog, Zeke, away from the four fenced acres he was used to running on, I knew it would be an adjustment.  When we settled on a new home and the fenced part of the back yard turned out to be just big enough for him to turn around in, I expected the worst.  This was a dog who was accustomed to alertly watching over his property, with the nearest neighbors a few horses and goats down the street.  A dog who enjoyed occasional walks around the deserted pond just further down the lane, but was happiest keeping an eye on the chickens and guineas in the barn.

He slept in the house, but had free access to the outdoors almost 24-7, and he loved to roam.  How was he possibly going to adjust to city life?  And would we all survive it?

I shouldn't have worried.  Here we are, almost six months in, and I'm grateful every day for my walking buddy.  At first I worried about how icky I'd find cleaning up after him.  After all, a dog's gotta go, and where he goes needs to be left clean and any 'gifts' bagged up!  On our acreage, I didn't have to worry about that, because my sweet dog always did his business off in the woods and buried it.  I'm telling you, he really was the perfect farm dog!

But, I've found the knack for quick clean up with an inside-out bag, and our neighborhood comes stocked with both bags and trash cans to put them in.  And the walks!  They've been just lovely.

Without Zeke needing me to take him out, I wouldn't have seen the gorgeous sunsets, rainbows, and evening bats I have.  My stress levels and body wouldn't have benefited from getting up from my writing and editing desk so frequently to take a quick turn around the neighborhood.  I'm also meeting neighbors quicker, and getting to know the area's walking trails and lakes.  Truly, it's been the most unexpected of blessings!

Yesterday was National Dog Day, or some such, and plenty of people posted pics in appreciation of their pooches.  I'm appreciative of my sweet dog, too, for his adaptability and steady companionship.  And I'm also grateful for the good things we never see coming.  It's so easy to roll right over the small blessings, and better-than-we-thought outcomes.  Today, I'm taking a moment to savor them.
Do you have any you'd like to share?  We can savor together!

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