Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of School

I was supposed to post on Monday, Aug. 24th, but it was the first day of school. 

A big day at our house as the oldest was shipping off to the unknown territory of middle school. 

She'd agonized about it all summer long. The night before I had to calm her down from having 3 panic attacks. 

The fateful morning arrived. The alarm went off and she was dressed before her parents were even out of bed. Ready before the bus departed, she excitedly bounded out the door with her twenty pound backpack, I and other parents were relegated to watching from a respectful distance on a nearby street corner until they loaded and drove off. 

All morning I waited for her lunch time to arrive when I knew she could text me how it was going. As I sat in the movie theater enjoying The Man from UNCLE with my mom to celebrate my birthday the day before, I discreetly checked my phone to see the glowing text message icon with a numeral one in the corner. It was my daughter. With equal parts worry and hope, I opened the message to read:

Middle school is AWESOME!

A smile and large sigh of relief unrelated to the film graced my features. Life was good. My daughter would survive this milestone with joy. 

That message has been repeated all week. She loves it. I hope the trend continues and it continues to be a positive experience. I pray she will come out relatively unscathed by all the negatives that can be encountered at this age. Prayer is one of the few tools I have left in my arsenal to protect her. 

Not to leave out my son, he started 2nd grade. Nice teacher, a few friends already in class, and lots to look forward to. But he'll have his own struggles I'm sure. 

Best wishes for your first day of school. 

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