Sunday, August 2, 2015

If I could just freeze time riiiiight ... now.

Raising six kids isn't always easy. They fight, they want dinner every single day (along with breakfast and lunch—go figure), and they make messes seconds after the house is cleaned up. Oh, and they're really, really good at ganging up on their parents. But I wouldn't trade them for a second.

As my kids have grown, I've enjoyed each stage. When you get to cuddle them close with their tiny fingers and toes. Then when they roll over, sit up, stand, and take their first steps. The first time they discover they love to draw—on your walls. Well, let's just say I could have handled skipping the 3 year old stage ...

Anyway, watching their personalities develop and learning what they like and dislike has been fascinating. We've raised them all the same, but they take those lessons differently. Of course, there are similarities as well. They all love sports, they'd trade anything to go swimming or camping, and nothing beats going to visit their grandparents. And on the negative side, they're learning to talk back from their older brother. Yippee.

But having gone from the newborn stage up until now, I would like to just say "Freeze!" Right now. Right now is the perfect time. They're not babies anymore and are independent children who know what they want and know how to get it for themselves. And they're not old enough that I have to deal with crushes and dating and high school anything. But just for this year, because while Jakob is a freshman, he's still at the junior high this year. So, can we freeze time?

Why? For a few reasons. My little ones take care of their mom. They make sure I'm dressed and fed every morning (even when I just want to sleep for one more hour), they make sure I have time to write (and give me all kinds of ideas—especially my youngest), and they bring me what I need. It's not that I need it, because I'm perfectly capable of doing all those things on my own. It's because they want to make me happy. They want to spend time with me. And I can't guarantee that it will always be the case.

My oldest likes to remind me that he only has four more years until his mission. But it's more of a "oh my goodness, I'm almost old enough to go on a mission!" than a "Yes, I'm outta here!" attitude. My youngest informs me she's no longer a baby because she's going to kindergarten this year.

So, could I just have a little more time with them how they are right now? Can I just freeze time long enough to get as much playing time as I can while they still beg me to play? No? Well, then I guess I better go make the best of what I have now. Where's that fishing pole?

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