Monday, August 22, 2016

I's Over

As the Olympic flame died, my feelings were mixed. It was a bit sad to see them end. It was so enjoyable to watch the world’s best athletes. On the other hand, maybe I can get some writing and housework done. No more a couch potato, not until February 2018 anyway. (I did sneak away and get my novel edited. I won’t touch that one until after a writing conference coming up in September.)

My thoughts turned to life, and how things come and go. Wasn’t it last year we were worried about Y2K?

In this life, everything has an end. We write “the end” when we finish writing a novel. Sure there is still editing to be done, beta readers, revisions and such, but eventually even those parts are finished, and we send our baby out.

Next I thought about how fast life is moving. I had 22 years of diapers. That ended long ago. In fact my youngest had her first baby last month.

With both good things and bad, it’s like Mom used to say, “The scriptures often repeat ‘and it came to pass….’”

We can look forward to the good things, not with wishing them to come faster. Enjoy the anticipation. Feel it. Taste it. Know how wonderful it’s going to be.

Dreading difficult or even bad things only makes them worse. Look for the good around you. Ponder how you can use this experience for your betterment, or when it’s over, and it will be over, how you can help other people who tread that path.

Look forward to things, but don’t waste time that could be put to a good use while you do so.

Strengthen yourself when you see bad things coming, and know that only eternity is forever, and nothing in this life is forever. 

Had to come back and read this almost a week after I posted it. Sent for my DNA test that won't be here until late October or early November. 

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