Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Medals

It's Olympic Season. The time of year when we drop everything, and possibly let our kids stay up late, to watch amazing athletes give it their all in the hopes of winning a medal and being adored by the world for their physical prowess, perserverance, and strength. 

It is exciting and awe inspiring. 

So, why do all the silver medalists look so grumpy when they the event is over and they discover they've medaled, but not gold? Whereas, the bronze medalists are cheerful. They are on the podium! They get a medal! If you've given it your all, why should you be grumpy? 

When did coming in second in the Olympics become a disappointment? It's still much more than billions of people throughout the world will ever acheive. What does that say about our society/culture? What does that teach our children? 

My favorite example of an ecstatic Silver Medalist is Noelle Pikus Pace who won silver in the Winter Olympics 2014. She'd been through several setbacks before getting her medal. And I have no doubt, she could've cared less that it wasn't gold. It was all about achieving a goal, not gold. 

Watch her jump in the stands here:

That's the kind of example I'd like my kids to follow. There's another reason why I'm such a fan of her story. The famous Red Dress. You can read the article here:

She stayed true to herself and her beliefs even in the midst of Olympic pandemonium and stood out as a star. That's what I want my daughter to learn. Being you is the all you ever need to be. For YOU are BeYOUtiful in every way. 

I hope you've enjoyed cheering on many athletes. Take a moment to reflect on all the ones whose names didn't come blaring out at you over the T.V., radio, media, etc. They worked hard and have every right to be just as proud as the household names of athletes we've learned. Here's to the unsung athletes and heroes on and off the podium!

What was your favorite Olympic moment this summer? Or ever?

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