Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leaving the Nest

The time is finally here. My eldest child has graduated from High School and is preparing to head off to college. I can't believe this time is here. My baby all grown and setting off into the world. I think I'm more excited than she is. I look through the course catalog thinking of all the cool classes to take. I signed her up for her dorm right at midnight when registration opened. I even took her clothes shopping for 3 hours for new outfits. I had the best time. She just rolls her eyes at me when I tell her she is going to have the best time of her life.

I'm trying not to think what life will be like with my big girl is out-of-state and far away, but somehow I think it will come crashing into reality the day she head off. Those of you who have gone through letting the first child out into the world, do you have any advice?


  1. Cherish her now. It'll be harder long distance.

    1. Although Skype is really, REALLY nice.

    2. It's a tough time to let them go!! I love skype too...

  2. Lock her in her room and tell her she can't leave. Problem solved. :)