Monday, June 9, 2014

Things Learned While Spying On the Cat

by Suzanne Warr

Our daughter is very fond of dragonflies, so when the cat went after a big gorgeous blue one she grabbed Apricot (that's kitty) and stuck her in a chicken cage while she carried the dragonfly off to our pond.
I, of course, grabbed my camera and hid behind a tree.  Past experience had shown me that the flimsy cage couldn't hold Apricot, but I'd never caught her in the act of escaping and I was curious how she did it.
First she just looked at me (in my hiding place, with only the camera and my hand showing) as if to ask if I really thought a queen of the jungle could be so easily fooled as to my whereabouts, and would I care to take lessons in hiding?  Clearly I needed instruction.
When I didn't move to let her out--and, worse, the chickens stood staring as if she was some strange new bird--she decided to bust free of her prison.  I was guessing she'd go over the top, cause the 'roof' of the cage is hinged and easy to open.  Instead she started exploring around the bottom, looking for spots where the ground gave the cage a small lift.  She had one small mishap with the obstinate little bars...
but in no time she'd recovered--and pushed free!
Now that she'd reclaimed her wild state I thought she'd be off to conquer the kitty world or at least catch another dragonfly.  But, no.  It seems I was entirely missing the point.
Escaping our fetters and conquering the world is really about having the freedom to sit awhile, which is just what a cat does best.

Here' to being at peace wherever we may 'sit' in our writing, and in life!


  1. I love that you grabbed the opportunity to observe and I think the take-away is spot on.

    And, long live the dragonflies!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

  2. Yes--very good writing and very creative idea... Love the pictures too. Good job!!

  3. Thank you both! Living with so many animals, I think we'd be missing half of life's learning opportunities if we didn't stop and give them that extra attention. Our version of smelling the roses, I guess. ;)